The Neighborhoods of Norwalk

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Have you been looking to purchase a home in a one-of-a-kind coastal city in Connecticut with a variety of shopping, attractions, and incredible restaurants? Look no further. Norwalk is a gorgeous city on the water in Fairfield County with everything you're looking for, plus the Norwalk, Connecticut shoreline has some of the best beaches, boating, marinas, and lighthouses in Connecticut. All within 45 minutes of New York City! Norwalk rests on the Long Island Sound and is about the same distance between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut. It is about 26.7 square miles, which is approximately the same size as Manhattan. Norwalk has a diverse array of neighborhoods spanning beach, city, country, farm, suburban, and shore life.

Imagine having your country home ten minutes from the beach - doesn't seem possible, right? In Norwalk, it is! You can have a quiet country life yet experience the ocean and the shoreline in just minutes. What if you want a home on the shore, but want to have great shopping nearby as well? You can have it in Norwalk! There are so many different gorgeous areas of Norwalk that learning about the neighborhoods will help you understand where you may want to look. Norwalk is divided into seven neighborhoods that fit whatever type of home and lifestyle you are looking for: Norwalk Center, East Norwalk, West Norwalk, Silvermine, SoNo, South Norwalk, and Rowayton.


- Norwalk Center is the historic downtown of Norwalk that is slightly north of SoNo (South Norwalk). It includes the Norwalk Green, City Hall, and Mathews Park.

- East Norwalk has coastal living with a community feel just east of downtown Norwalk. It is home to Veterans' Park, Taylor Farm Park, and the beautiful Calf Pasture Beach!

- West Norwalk is the largely residential, suburban area with beautiful homes to the west of downtown Norwalk. Home to Oak Hills Golf Course and great retail shopping.

- Silvermine is the largely residential, suburban area north of downtown Norwalk with beautiful homes on winding country roads lined with trees.

- SoNo, part of South Norwalk, is a vibrant, modern downtown neighborhood on the water. SoNo is home to nightlife on Washington Street, the SoNo Collection Mall with chic, modern shopping, and the Maritime Aquarium, which has fun for the whole family.

- South Norwalk is the southern coastal area of Norwalk with elegant homes in Golden Hill and home to water views at Wilson's Point and Harborview.

- Rowayton, on the southwest shore of Norwalk, gives you water views with a country lifestyle. Home to Bayley Beach, the Rowayton Yacht Club, the Rowayton Community Beach, and suburban and shoreline homes on the water.


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