Getting your Home Ready for Sale...

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Getting your Home Ready for Sale...

Thinking of making a move this Spring? Well, It's time to start preparing! Don't wait until the week before to do what you can do today. If you start now, you will have LESS STRESS and be READY come photoshoot day! I always tell my seller clients, it's like a term paper, you know when its due, so why not start preparing now. Doing the work before you list, will make closing day go a lot smoother and less rushed. 

Let's get started:

-PURGE! Get a dumpster and purge the items that you will not be bringing with you. Donate unwanted clothing, toys, etc. to Good Will, Salvation Army, Big Brothers and Sisters, the Vet's, etc. Call your local church and see if there is a needy family looking for furniture, or items. Go room by room. Don't forget the attic! Thin out the furniture. Less is more. Don't overcrowd the room. The buyers want to see the house and how spacious the rooms are. A great Place to make some extra cash on your unwanted items is to list them on Facebook Marketplace. Contact me today and I can help you! It's Easy.

Make sure the closets are not cluttered, uniformed, and straightened. Items that you are looking to store/ take, put in (Labeled) Plastic storage bins. Move them to the basement or set up an area in the garage. Buyers like 'efficiency'.  

-Walk the property and make notes of any maintenance issues. Clean the gutters, touch up paint, trim the bushes, replace any rotted wood. Remove any old wood piles & debris. Power wash the house, walkways. A fresh clean appearance  showing off your curb appeal goes along way with Buyers. Contact your handy man, landscaper to assist with these projects. Don't wait, he's very busy these days so timing is important.

-Remember your 'honey do' list?  Bring that back out and start tackling the items that are health and safety first.  This will be important when inspection time comes.

-Have the house professionally cleaned. Buyers like to use all their senses to buy a home, not just sight, but smell and touch! Don't forget to wash the windows! Open the blinds and let the sun shine in to make the rooms feel big, bright and cheerful. 

-If needed, Paint! A fresh coat of NEUTRAL paint goes a long way.  If just a touch up is needed, do it!

-Take a peek at the bath light fixtures. Are they old, rusted, dated? You may want to consider a quick trip to the local Home Depot/Lowes and pick up an updated fixture. New Lighting in the baths is inexpensive and gives a refreshing look.

-If you need assistance, I am here to help. I have contacts to assist with your projects. 

- MOST IMPORTANT TIP! Contact me today to start the process. I would love to do a walk through and point out what needs attention and what doesn't. I will do an assessment to determine how much your home is worth. Also, have a conversation on what's happening in your market area.

So, let's get started! The more prepared you are this month, the less stress and smoother the home selling process will be for you next month!