Feel Stuck? Perhaps It's Time for Fresh Scenery!

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Where you live and your daily outlook contributes to your overall joy and happiness. We all are looking for utopia, the ideal place where we can find tranquility. So often our circumstances dictate the temperament.  Whilst recently browsing through the tons of Facebook posts, I came across this gem of a quote, “If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.” It definitely hit home that there should not be any reason why a person should have to suffer living in a place they are not happy in.  I often see couples and families that know they want 'change' but sometimes think that moving isn't the solution--when sometimes a fresh scenery is precisely what the doctor ordered! 

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Figure 1  http://wellnesswithcoachcass.com/youre-tree-can-move/

AARP conducted a survey[1] for the residents of Connecticut to figure out if locals are happy and what aspect they find more important about their communities.   Overall, 79.7% believe that where they are living is a good place. Yet, 28% would possibly move to a different community.  96.3%, a good majority believes that it is important to have safe neighborhoods. The survey also showed that public services such as schools and libraries are also very important.  However, for some reason we have become accustomed to our surroundings despite that one troublesome neighbor or whatever it may be. The truth is moving takes some work.  

Nevertheless, we are always on the hunt for bigger, better and more. Others however downsize, wanting less for the self-discovery that “less is more” for time constraints means gardening, cleaning the pool are all too much thereby a modern fully equipped penthouse suite will do just fine. Hehe.

Your realtor typically makes or breaks your sense of a successful selling experience.  Hence having a community realtor who truly understands what types of people (i.e.  families, couples, first time buyers)  are interested in purchasing your house is imperative.  We all know the feeling of having a “not-so-wonderful” neighbor.  Consequently, the one guarantee that most homeowners have is that their neighbors would change but their realtor will stay the same and be there for them!!


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